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Lower Thames Crossing

lower thames crossing action group

has entered a critical phase, where by Thurrock Residents will set clearly defined challenges to Highways England during 2017 and beyond.

We share a common view to the objection of Option C and any of its variations for many reasons set out below!

With your support, we will achieve a proposal that truly supports a sustainable future with Health & Growth for businesses and thurrock residents alike.


  • Option C3 does not reduce future traffic at the Dartford Crossing
  • Option C3 encourages more HGV Traffic to the area
  • Option C3 encourages more cars to the area
  • Option C3 brings degraded Air Quality (NOx SOx PM10 & PM2.5)
  • Option C3 has fatal design flaws (Chadwell St Mary Junction)

Besides The Lower Thames Crossing Option C Rout 3 will bring…

  • More noise pollution
  • More light pollution
  • Reduction of Green Belt

Please continue to write letters of objection.

(The Consultation is now closed but read the Consultation Overview

Your individual letters can be sent to: –

The Prime Minister – 10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA or Click Here

The Secretary of State for Transport – Chris Grayling

Department for Transport, Great Minster House, 33 Horseferry Road, London, SW1P 4DR

Your Local MPs

Stephen Metcalfe MP – South Basildon and East Thurrock Conservatives

2 Orsett Business Centre, Stanford Road, Grays, Essex, RM16 1BX Tel: 01268 200430
Or Click Here > Stephen Metcalfe MP

Jackie Doyle-Price MP – Thurrock Conservatives
2 Orsett Business Centre, Stanford Road, Grays, Essex, RM16 3BX – Tel: 01375 802029
Or Click Here > Jackie Doyle-Price MP

The Council Leader – Rob Gledhill
Civic Offices, New Road, Grays, Essex, RM17 6SL – Tel: 01375 366321

Your Local CouncillorsThurrock Council Web Link

Points to Note

According to Highways England with regards to the Lower Thames Crossing,

  • 14% of existing M25 users ‘might’ opt to take the £6bn road scheme through the heart of Thurrock
  • This does not bring the existing crossing under its theoretical capacity at peak times.
  • The Crossing Daily capacity is said to be in the region of 135,000 crossings per day
  • 86% of traffic will still use the current crossing for their trips via the M25
  • The A282 is still a local road – not Motorway standard.

Light at the end of the tunnel for practical Lower Thames Crossing?

  • A motorway to motorway experience should be reviewed for Dartford
    • A motorway standard tunnel between J2 & J30 (namely: option A route 14, aka A14)
      • Benefits include extracted air from the tunnel is scrubbed and cleaned
      • No noise pollution
      • No light pollution
      • Addresses the 86% vehicles that continue to use this route
      • By-passes the main pollution zones of Thurrock & Dartford

Read more about this Scheme here .

Other Factors effecting decision for the Lower Thames Crossing

  • DP World at Stanford Le Hope will potentially add 9000+ HGVs onto Thurrock roads per day.
  • Tilbury Port have recently agreed to purchase the old Power Station site for further shipping actions.
  • Option C3 requires both these ports traffic join the new road scheme by means of the Orsett Cock junction.

A better plan is required from Highways England – Also a question echoed by both Ports!


All routes of the HE favoured Lower Thames Crossing Option C (2, 3 & 4) will divide communities of Linford, East & West Tilbury, including North & South Ockendon. The road also passes close by to The Gateway Academy Secondary School and various Primary Schools, cutting off direct access to its feeder communities. In North Ockendon, we have care homes situated in the rural countryside. Again, these key community facilities cut off by this huge road system. This is not an acceptable solution, expecting children, in their key development years, to be situated alongside a noisy polluting road that has the potential to cause growth defects and lung conditions, with the emissions of passing vehicles. All the while this plan of increased HGV & Car pollution will land on the doorstep of our aged community in care homes, who chose a rural setting away from such pollution.

‘Duty of Care’ How do Highways England plan to minimise this cause & effect on health & communities?

Floodplain relief

Each of the Options of C meet at a tunnel based on the nationally protected floodplain at Tilbury marshes. An area recognised for its wildlife, biodiversity and forms part of a wider flood control system of South Essex coastline. Having a sunken section of road within this area of wildlife and biodiversity would simply act as a dyke, draining the local water table into the road.

How do Highways England plan to control flood risk to homes that rely on this floodplain relief?

Thurrock Businesses

The Proposed Lower Thames Crossing at Option C will not provide clean access into the heart of the borough. The purpose of this road is to by-pass Thurrock. Existing industry will remain sandwiched between the Thames and urbanised areas of West Thurrock, Little Thurrock & Grays. Therefore, growth potential for Thurrock’s existing industry is vastly starved.

Can Highways England suggest how Thurrock’s deep-seated industry will benefit from this new £6bn road scheme, without impacting residents of Chafford 100, West Thurrock & Grays?


  • The Fundamental is ‘we want a road & crossing located in the right place’.
  • We want to see factual growth data from both Ports & Thurrock industry, indicating their true growth potential.
  • We want to see a full environmental impact assessment of the area – detailing the before and after figures.
  • Drive innovation. Looking to alternative modes of Transportation
  • The use of the Thames for Commuting & Shipping.
  • Increased used of Rail for freight, it doesn’t all have to go via road!
  • A 50-year growth plan for Thurrock (inc. Shopping, Recreation, Industry, Education, Welfare).
  • An inclusive Community complimented by its rural environment

Please Support the Cause!

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