A poem to National Highways

We’re lucky to have some very creative and talented people amongst our many supporters.  This poem ‘In the name of progress’ by Debbie Preston-Low is another creative response to the fight against the proposed Lower Thames Crossing that she has kindly shared with us.


In the name of progress

Dear National Highways, please;

Don’t continue with the Lower Thames Crossing project;

don’t render local roads racetracks and bottlenecks.

Don’t fell ancient woodland and swap for bypasses,

don’t taint our air with poisonous gases.

Don’t waste our money on unfit provision,

don’t infiltrate darkness and circadian rhythm.

Don’t ruin landscape by self-interest bulldoze,

don’t foul fresh water via leaks to the meadows.

Don’t increase nitrogen and contaminate soil purity,

don’t swipe farm land, jeopardising food security.

Don’t steal harmony and douse with noise pollution,

don’t dig deeper, that’s not the solution.

Don’t consume Greenbelt thus weakening our roots,

don’t damage habitat for Great Crested newts.

Don’t silence hedgerows, slaying symphonic chorus,

don’t greenwash truth that’s plainly before us.

Don’t seize our bridleways and throttle good health,

don’t execute the living; death by stealth.

Don’t devalue nature by taming ‘The Wilderness’,

Ecology first, now that would be progress!



BMF June ‘23