TCAG statement on Lower Thames Crossing DCO decision delay

TCAG welcomes the delay to the decision on the Development Consent Order (DCO) for the Lower Thames Crossing so that a new Government can look at this £10 billion scheme afresh. This is an opportunity to cancel this expensive white elephant scheme, and use the £10 billion for transport solutions that do not increase traffic, air pollution and carbon emissions, and trash ancient woodland.

The Secretary of State for Transport, Mark Harper, announced on 24 May 2024 that the Lower Thames Crossing decision has been delayed until 4 October 2024, due to the general election announcement. By this time a new Government will have been formed. The controversial £10 billion LTC is likely to be the biggest decision for an incoming new Secretary of State for Transport.

Following the 6 month LTC Development Consent Order (DCO) examination, the Examining Authority presented their recommendation report to the Secretary of State for Transport on 20th March 2024.

The Secretary of State then had 3 months to consider and make the announcement whether to grant or refuse the DCO planning application. There have been further rounds of post examination consultation, and a decision was due to be announced by the 20th June 2024.  However, the Secretary of State for Transport has instead announced that the decision has been delayed.

Since today’s announcement has not resulted in a decision being announced, TCAG will continue to make the case against the LTC to all politicians who may form the next Government.  Watch this space!