Cabinet Office ordered to publish LTC reviews

We are pleased to announce that the Information Commissioners Office have ordered the Cabinet Office to publish important LTC reviews that we had requested.

You may remember we submitted the original Freedom of Information (FOI) in January 2023 to request copies of the IPA reviews that were mentioned in the LTC Accounting Officer Assessment.  The Cabinet Office denied our initial request.  In May 2023 Leigh Day Solicitors then requested an internal review on our behalf, and the Cabinet Office reviewed and stood by the original decision to refuse the information.  In July 2023 Leigh Day then escalated the matter to the Information Commissioners Office on our behalf to be investigated.

Late on the 20th Feb 2024 Leigh Day advised us that the Information Commissioners Office had responded and have ordered the Cabinet Office to publish the requested LTC reviews.

Why this is important

We originally learnt about these reviews that had been carried out when we looked at the LTC Accounting Officer Assessment (AOA).  This is a very important document as it is used by Ministers to make decisions about spending significant amounts of public money.

The AOA is prepared by National Highways and the Department for Transport, and we feel that more scrutiny of what is being shared is important, since we believe that misleading and out of date information is being presented.  For decisions to be made purely on what NH and the DfT are presenting to Ministers is letting them mark their own homework.  That is why we requested copies of the reviews mentioned in the AOA, because we felt it important and in the public interest to see what is being presented to Government.

We are delighted that the Information Commissioners Office found in our favour and have ordered the Cabinet Office to publish the requested documents within 35 calendar days.

This decision comes at an important time, when the Office of Rail and Road are investigating National Highways performance.

We would like to thank those who have made donations to TCAG for us to be able to take such actions when needed.  We also thank our friends at Transport Action Network who have co-funded this with us, because they recognise the importance of requesting such information; and of course the team at Leigh Day for all their work on this.


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We know things are tough for many right now, but if you are in a position that you would like to donate to TCAG funds for future actions as needed please see the details at the bottom of this update.  Together we are stronger, thanks!



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