The Wilderness

The Wilderness has been a part of Ockendon for at least 400 years. It is home to many varieties of trees, plants, and wildlife, including mature elms, and at least 8 bat species, some of which are rare. It is now under threat from the proposed Lower Thames Crossing.


You may also remember we shared this other video back in 2018 showing some of the other beautiful areas that are at threat to the north of the River Thames along the LTC route.

Have your say

Question 4 in the consultation response form is the place to give comments and opinions on the environmental impacts of LTC.  Please do comment giving as much detail and evidence as you can. 

Please remember if you are completing the physical paper copy of the response form you can use additional sheets of paper for your comments if needed, just remember to labelling them with the number of the question you are responding to.


NB. Thanks to the person who provided the video footage of the Wilderness, used with permission.  The Wilderness is privately owned, please be respectful and do not attempt to visit without permission. Thanks