TCAG comment on retrospective LTC compound planning application

Following on from our previous updates about the retrospective LTC compound planning applications. Thames Crossing Action Group are now preparing our comments on a third retrospective planning application for the LTC compound which will be shared on this page shortly.

Comments in relation to this planning application 21/01883/FUL should to be submitted by Weds 5th January 2022.  That said we asked the council if it was possible to get an extension, since the letters advising of the latest planning application arrived late in the post, likely due to COVID and Christmas, and have been advised that they will accept comments received after the deadline but before the determination of the application.  So please do get your comments in asap!

Points to remember
  • This is not about whether you support the proposed Lower Thames Crossing, it is specifically about the retrospective planning application ref 21/01883/FUL
  • Your comments are being made to Thurrock Council, not National Highways/LTC
  • Please keep your comments relating to the planning application and not your opinions on LTC as a whole
Some of the things we considered when commenting
  • Why has the applicant now submitted 3 retrospective planning applications rather than submit them before carrying out the work/changes? Do you think this is a sign of disrespect to our community/council?
  • Is it acceptable that a contractor working for such a large project as LTC was not aware they need planning permission?
  • Has the applicant provided adequate and accurate info in the application?
  • What impact will the associated traffic using this site have on our local roads and communities?
  • Do you think the mini roundabout in Pilgrims Lane will be negatively impacted by traffic entering and exiting the site?
  • Do you think it would also negatively impact those using the pavement?
  • What exactly will be stored in the southern part of the compound?
  • Do you think it is good that they have 10,000 litres of fuel stored on the site?
  • Do you have concerns that the application states there are no trees on the ‘proposed’ development site when there are?  What has happened to the trees?
  • Do you  have concerns about so much office space being installed and used on the site?
  • Do you have any concerns about the content in the Health Impact Assessment?  Do you think it takes the health impact of the site on our community into account adequately?

Plus of course anything else you feel relevant to the application!!


TCAG’s official comments in response to the 3rd retrospective LTC compound planning application
TCAG Response to Planning Application 21 01883FUL - LTC Compound Pilgrims Lane

You can zoom in and out using the + and – icons and scroll through the document pages using the arrows. 

If you are having any issues with viewing the document above it can also be downloaded as a pdf file here.


What’s happened up until the latest planning application

Two previous retrospective planning applications have been submitted for the LTC compound site.  The first for the installation of security gates, and the second for the change of use of the site to a compound.  TCAG submitted responses/comments.

April 2021 – On Tues 20th April 2021 we (TCAG) received an email from Thurrock Council advising us that planning application 20/00430/FUL will be will be considered by the Planning Committee on 22nd April 2021 at 6.00pm.  Written statements had to be submitted to the council by 12 noon 2 working days before the meeting.

Since the email was only sent at 9am on the 20th, this means we had under 3 hours to prepare and submit our written statement.  Hardly seems like adequate notice or enough time properly be able to prepare and submit such a statement, some may not have even had a chance to check their emails before the extremely short deadline had passed.

However, we just about managed to submit our written statement in with literally less than a minute to spare. Click here to view.

Then on April 22nd we were told by the council that the applicant has requested the application be moved back to June as “the application requires further work on it”.

Says a lot doesn’t it?! Firstly they didn’t have the decency to submit it before starting on the site. They then submitted retrospective planning applications. They have since issued follow up info that varies from the original application. And now they say the application requires further work on it. Reminds us of the DCO application that had to be withdrawn!

June 2021

On the 5th of June 2021 we received notification from Thurrock Council that the retrospective planning applications for the LTC compound in Pilgrims Lane, North Stifford (near Chafford Hundred Sainsburys) would be heard by the Planning Committee on 10 June 2021, meeting starting at 6pm.  We were again invited to present our statement at the meeting.

At the meeting on the 10th the decision of this planning application was deferred by the planning committee, until an adequate traffic plan has been produced and shared so that the application can be considered further and a decision made.

Then in late December 2021 we became aware of the third and latest retrospective planning application for the site, as above.


The 3 Retrospective Planning Applications for the LTC Compound

TCAG response to 2020 applicationclick here

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