TCAG comment on retrospective LTC compound planning application

Following on from our previous update about the retrospective LTC compound planning application, Thames Crossing Action Group have now submitted our comments on the application to Thurrock Council, which you can read below.

Please remember the deadline for comments in relation to this planning application 20/00430/FUL is Thurs 14th May 2020.

To submit your own comments please visit Planning Application 20/00430/FUL on Thurrock Council’s website.  We know many often have issues with commenting via the website directly, so if you have any issues please email your comments through via email to, you should quote the planning ref 20/00430/FUL, and your name and address when submitting your comments via email.  Bear in mind your comments, including your name and address should then be added to the general comments against that planning application online.

Points to remember when commenting
  • This is not about whether you support the proposed Lower Thames Crossing, it is specifically about the retrospective planning application ref 20/00430/FUL
  • Your comments are being made to Thurrock Council, not Highways England/LTC
  • Please keep your comments relating to the planning application and not your opinions on LTC as a whole
Some of the things we considered when commenting
  • Why did the applicant submit 2 retrospective planning applications rather than submit them before carrying out the work/changes?
  • Is it acceptable that a contractor working for such a large project as LTC is not aware they need planning permission?
  • Has the applicant provided adequate and accurate info in the application?
  • Why has the applicant stated work or change of use started on April 1st 2020, when we have written evidence from HE/LTC that the compound has been in use for LTC since Dec 2019?
  • Why has the new building/structure on the site not been mentioned in the application?
  • What impact will 300 vehicles using this site have on our local roads and communities?
  • Why are the expected 20 tonne vehicles not mentioned in the planning application form?
  • What confidence do we have that we can trust the contractors using this site, based on existing experience, including repeated evidence of non-compliance of COVID-19 2m distancing guidelines, whereby they have been putting not only themselves but also all of us and the NHS at risk?
  • What exactly will be stored at the compound?
  • Why is the applicant stating  “Parking and storage of vehicles, plant, equipment and materials associated with construction of the Lower Thames Crossing.” in response to be asked what activites and processes will be carried out at the site, when construction would be illegal without a DCO being granted, and a DCO application hasn’t even been submitted yet for LTC?
  • How long is the applicant proposing to be using this site for?

Plus of course anything else you feel relevant to the application!!


TCAG’s official comments in response to the retrospective LTC compound planning application
LTC Compound Retrospective Planning Application – TCAG Comments


You can click on the arrows at the bottom of the pdf file above to click through the 5 pages, and also the + and – to zoom in and out if needed.

Have your say!

Please do submit your own comments to the planning application as outlined above if you wish.  As mentioned in our response we do feel that May 11th was very late in the day for the relevant info regarding the true proposed use of the site when there is a deadline of May 14th.  We have requested the council take this into condsideration, but the deadline for this application as it stands is still Thurs May 14th so please do submit your comments asap if you wish to have your say!


The original update on this planning application can be found at