A call for volunteers

Whilst this action group was originally created by a small group of residents in Thurrock, it has grown a lot over the years and we are proud to represent people along the entire proposed route – from Kent, Thurrock, Havering, and further afield.

We’re all voluntary in this group, we all just believe that in working together we can do all we can to try and fight the LTC.

During COVID-19 pandemic any voluntary work needs to be within Government guidelines, and TCAG are carrying out all works that can be done virtually.

Volunteers are needed to help raise awareness and promote a single clear voice across the length and breadth of the proposed Lower Thames Crossing route.

Whether it’s helping delivery leaflets (not during COVID-19), sharing info, helping with printing, putting up posters/banners (legally of course!), or offering to help in whatever way you feel you can we’d love to hear from you please!

More of us are using different virtual means to keep in touch due to COVID-19, so if any of your normal groups, organisations, forums etc are meeting virtually and you are able to help spread the word about TCAG and LTC by those means, we’d really appreciate it!

A lot of effort goes into keeping the group going and getting word out, especially for consultations and events (during non COVID times), and the more help we can get the stronger we can grow.

Whatever your strength/experience is, if you feel you can bring anything to the cause on a voluntary basis to help us, please do get in touch!

Together we are stronger!



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If you have any issues with this form, or prefer to contact us via email please reach out to admin@thamescrossingactiongroup.com.  Thanks