Your Property/Land – LTC

Unfortunately there are many properties that are and would be affected by the proposed Lower Thames Crossing.  There are various ways in which the LTC can impact on your property/land.  We have managed to get some info that we hope helps those who sadly find themselves in this position.


Blight and Discretionary Purchase

If you have received a letter informing you that your property/land is within the development boundary and informing you that you are in a position to issue Blight notice on Highways England, please click through to

Those who are also extremely close to the development boundary may also wish to consider researching Discretionary purchase options that are also covered on that page.


Part 1 Compensation

For those that have received letters informing them they may be entitled to Part 1 Compensation please click through to


Help understanding the maps

If you’re looking for maps to help you better understand the potential impact LTC could have on your land/property please check out our update that provides a complete list of all available maps that have been released in the Design Refinement Consultation – We particularly recommend checking out Map Book 2 and Map Book 3 which we usually find most useful in this situation.

As with all questions relating to any quries or letters you get about your property/land we would also suggest contacting HE using the contact details on the letter you have been sent and arranging to talk to one of their Land & Property Team.


Erroneous Letters from Highways England

Sadly there have over the years been some letters sent out in error to certain residents.  The latest batch affecting a number of residents in Jan 2020. Read more –  Explanations and apology letters should now have been sent by HE to all those affected by these erroneous letters.



NB. We would like to point out that we at TCAG are not legal experts, we are simply sharing the above info that has been bought to our attention, we would always advise seeking professional legal advice if needs be.



Highways England descriptions of various impacts and associated options

This fund has been available for use since 2017. The owners of properties that are within the development boundary have been able to ask HE/LTC to buy their property by serving a blight notice since April 2017. A property is considered blighted when its value is reduced as a result of the project and the owners are unable to sell the property at market value. HE/LTC purchase blighted properties at their unaffected market value; this is the amount the property would be worth if the project did not exist, not the blighted (lower) value. The booklet Your property and Blight sets out the eligibility criteria and the process.

Discretionary purchase
There may be situations where the owners of properties outside of the development boundary have a pressing need to sell their property and are unable to do so except at a significant reduction to the market value as a result of the proposed road project. In exceptional circumstances HE/LTC exercise their discretion and offer to purchase the property. Further information on the eligibility criteria and how applications are assessed can be found in the booklet Your property and Discretionary Purchase.

Part 1 Compensation
Once the road has been open for over a year, property owners may be eligible to apply for compensation if their property has reduced in value by more than £50 due to the physical factors caused by the use of the new, or altered road. This is commonly referred to as a ‘Part I
claim’ as it is made under Part I of the Land Compensation Act 1973. More information can be found in the Guide to Part I Compensation.