Concerns about LTC voiced in Parliament again

On 21st March 2024 South Basildon & East Thurrock MP, Stephen Metcalfe was voicing his and our concerns about the proposed £10bn Lower Thames Crossing in Parliament again.

Mr Metcalfe’s comments were directed to the Roads Minister, Guy Opperman MP, who said he would meet with Mr Metcalfe.

Update 7th May 2024

Mr Metcalfe met with Road Minister Guy Opperman today, with the minister making a visit to Thurrock.

We are told that the Minister listened carefully to Stephen’s concerns and agreed to consider the points raised. Stephen pointed out that he had grave concerns that the proposal, if constructed, would not actually address the problem of congestion at the existing crossing and that those in Thurrock would still experience catastrophic gridlock when the Dartford Crossing failed.

Stephen also expressed concern that the cost of the project was getting ever higher, with the IPA Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline Report published in February 2024 stating that construction material prices are over 40% higher than in January 2020.  Something we included in the representation we submitted to the Secretary of State’s post examination consultation at the 2nd May 2024 deadline.

The Lower Thames Crossing has always been an expensive project, but with prices having risen recently, particularly in construction, Stephen questions whether the project can deliver value for money or whether the money would be better spent elsewhere.

The Minister explained that it is not he who would make the decision, as he is too close to the project, (we have emailed to ask what was meant by that) but did say that he would respond to the concerns in due course and thanked Stephen for raising his concerns so robustly.


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