New 24/7 construction hours

We thought the proposed construction hours were bad enough before.  HE had said that whilst the tunnel works would be 24/7 other works would be long, with sites open from 6am to 11pm at times.  But now hidden deep within consultation materials we discover HE are now proposing 24/7 construction hours in many areas along the route.

If you only had a chance to look through the consultation guide you would have missed it.  We mean, it’s not like in a Community Impacts Consultation you would expect HE to make it obvious they were proposing such a horrendous impact to communities, is it?!

Even if you attempted to find out more about the impacts of construction by viewing the interactive map you could easily miss it.  After all which layer on the map would you expect to find construction hours shown under, Construction or Noise and vibration?  Possibly both would be the most logical answer, but this is HE we’re talking about so of course it wouldn’t be shown if you select the Construction layer, it’s only new construction hours!  To find this info on the interactive map you need to select the Noise and Vibrations layer.

There are mentions of the new 24/7 construction hours within the different Ward Impact Summaries, but we certainly don’t feel they are clear and informative.  To us it appears HE are attempting to push through these crazy construction hours to attempt to make up for the time they have lost with all the delays, and are doing their best to try and keep it under the radar.


So where are these new 24/7 construction hours?

We’ve done our best to go through and discover where they are proposing these new 24/7 construction hours.  We also remind everyone that construction hours would be at least 6 years, although that doesn’t mean to say that all the areas marked as new 24/7 construction hours would necessarily last for 6 years, we just don’t know at this stage.

Looking at the interactive map:

South of the river

  • The majority of the A2/M2 corridor works
  • The ‘green’ bridge at Thong Lane
  • The compound around the southern tunnel portal (HE had already stated tunnelling works/compounds would be 24/7)

North of the river

  • The compound around the northern tunnel portal (HE had already stated tunnelling works/compounds would be 24/7)
  • Tilbury viaduct
  • Muckingford Road
  • Hoford Road bridge
  • Brentwood Road
  • A1089 (some sections)
  • Old A13 (A1013/Stanford Road)
  • A13 – large sections between Stifford Clays and Orsett Cock, as well as small sections between Orsett Cock and Stanford junction.
  • Stifford Clays Road
  • Green Lane
  • North Road
  • Footpath 151 bridge (which runs eastbound from Dennis Road just to the west of the M25)
  • Proposed Thames Chase bridge
  • M25 and new LTC parallel road all the way from around where the LTC meets the M25 through to and around the A127 (Junction 29)
  • M25 random sections before and after the M25 section described above.

NB. there are also some additional areas that we need to seek clarification from HE on.


Screen captures of the interactive map showing 2/4 construction areas

These screen captures are only to give you a quick look, we recommend clicking through to the interactive map for more detail.

You will need to select the Noise and Vibration layer to view the new 24/7 construction areas.


Click on the text description in the top right corner to enlarge the map in a new tab