LTC DCO Updates Index 2022/23

This LTC DCO Updates Index 2022/23 will be added to as things progress, and we hope you will find it helpful as a place to find all LTC DCO related updates.


What is a DCO?

DCO stands for Development Consent Order, it is the equivalent of a planning application for huge projects called NSIPs (Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects).  There is a DCO process, which those registered as Interested Parties can participate in, including an Examination.

The Examining Authority (ExA) are appointed to examine and make a recommendation to the Secretary of State for Transport, who will then have 6 months to decide whether to grant the DCO/permission.  It is worth noting that National Highways cannot legally begin construction, unless they are granted a DCO.

During the Examination Interested Parties can attend and speak at meetings/hearings and/or make written submissions on various aspects and concerns.  There are deadlines throughout the process for when you can and need to make representations, so please do click through and check out what you can do and when.  Copies of the DCO application documents and all other letters, submission, recordings etc will be detailed in the official Examination Library

Whilst we will do our best to bring updates here throughout the process, we highly recommend visiting the official PINS LTC page which will be updated as things progress.  It is advisable to sign up for the official PINS LTC email updates to get an email notification as soon as anything new is updated on the official PINS LTC page.

PINS have also published a handy FAQ section, but if after reading the FAQ you still have any questions please contact the PINS LTC team via email or call 0303 444 5000.



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TCAG submissions

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