June 15th LTC DCO updates

We know the PINS updates can sometimes be a bit overwhelming for some, especially if you’re not familiar with the DCO, so we take a quick look at the June 15th LTC DCO updates.

Procedural Deadline C submissions published

Written submissions to the Examining Authority (ExA) that had to be made by Procedural Deadline C have now been published on the official PINS LTC DCO webpages here.

These included two submissions by TCAG, as well as others from various other parties.


Procedural Letter (15th June 2023)

This letter issued by the Examining Authority (ExA) announces that a decision has been made to proceed with the LTC DCO Examination as per the draft examination timetable.  Details of reasons to proceed in this way, as opposed to agreeing to the requested delay to the start of examination can be found in the letter on the official PINS LTC DCO webpages here.

The letter confirms that the ExA will officially close Preliminary Meeting 2 on Tues 20th June 2023, and the strict 6 month examination period will then begin immediately with Open Floor Hearing commencing at 6pm on the 20th June.


Agenda for Open Floor Hearing 1 (OFH1) and extra chances to register for initial Open Floor Hearings

Another of the published documents was the agenda for Open Floor Hearing 1, which will take place online via Microsoft Teams.

Open Floor Hearings are open to all who registered as Interested Parties, who request to participate.

At the hearing people are allocated 5-10 minutes to voice their concerns about the merits of the LTC project to the Examining Authority (ExA).

There will be a number of Open Floor Hearings throughout the 6 month examination period.

Those that prefer to comment in writing will be able to submit a written representation by Deadline 1 (Tues 18th July)

You can make both oral and written submissions, and both will be given the same consideration by the ExA.

The agenda for Open Floor Hearing 1 states that those who have yet to register to speak at the initial Open Floor Hearings 1,2 and 3 still have time to do so.  Click through for more details:

Open Floor Hearing 1
Tues 20th June – Online – hearing starts 6pm – Register asap

Open Floor Hearing 2
Weds 28th and Thurs 29th (if required) – Orsett Hall, Orsett, Essex and online – hearing starts 10am – Register by 23:59 Thursday 22nd June 2023

Open Floor Hearing 3
Weds 5th July and Thurs 6th July (if required) – Doubletree Dartford Bridge, Dartford, Kent and online – hearing starts 10am – Register by 23:59 Thursday 29 June 2023

If you have not yet requested to be heard at an OFH but would like to do so later in the Examination, then please submit your request to be heard at Procedural Deadline D (PDD) on Tuesday 18 July 2023. PDD will be the final opportunity to request to be heard at an OFH.



We hope this update helps you better understand the June 15th LTC DCO updates from PINS.



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