Attending an online LTC DCO Examination Hearing

If you’re wondering what happens when attending an online LTC DCO Examination Hearing this update will hopefully give you a little insight into what to expect.  Please bear in mind that these are general guidelines and could be subject to change so please always check the info provided by the PINS Case Team.

We hope you find this helpful, but should you have any questions please contact the LTC PINS Case Team either via email or by calling 0303 444 5000.

Can I attend?

There are deadlines to register by if you wish to attend and/or speak at any of the examination hearings.  We’ve popped the deadline details on each of the DCO examination hearing event listings on our website, and they can also of course be found on the LTC PINS project website.

If you register successfully then you should receive an email the day before the Hearing which will include all the info you should need to log in and attend the meeting online.


What if I can’t attend on that day?

There will be numerous opportunities to speak at various meetings throughout the 6 month Examination.  There are also some reserved dates during the draft examination timetable where additional hearings will be arranged, with details to follow.

You can always contact the PINS Case Team with any questions or issues. However, it is important to remember that you can also make written submissions which will be given as much weight as in person representations, so it is not essential to speak at a hearing for your opinions to be considered.

Even if you do attend you can still send a written submission after the Hearing, as long as it is submitted before the relevant deadline.


What time will I need to log on?

Those taking part in the Hearings will be asked to log in to register their attendance about 45 minutes to an hour before the official start of the hearing. Exact timing will be provided in the email that the PINS Case Team send you.


Why do I have to log in early?

The early registration period allows for people to enter the meeting, and ask the PINS Case Team any questions they may have.  This allows for a smoother event for everyone once the Hearing officially begins, and avoids unnecessary interruptions to the meeting and recordings.


How do I log in to the meeting?

The email that you are sent will provide full details, and is usually sent out the day before the Meeting/Hearing.  If you check your junk folder, and haven’t received the email by the afternoon before the Meeting/Hearing it may be advisable to contact the PINS Case Team.

If you are attending using Microsoft Teams software that can be downloaded free of charge online then the link the email provides should connect you into the meeting.

If you are attending via phone the email will provide instructions with a phone number to call and a conference code to enter.

When joining the virtual Event, you will be placed in a ‘Lobby’ from which a member of the Case Team will admit you. The lobby is silent, and it may take some time to admit everyone, so please stay connected and bear with them while you are waiting.


What do I need to know once the Hearing starts?

Livestream and recordings
The Hearings will be livestreamed and recorded, with the recording published on the project website shortly after the meeting.  If for any reason you do not wish to be included in the recording you can keep your camera turned off during the Hearing, it is just asked that you advise the PINS Case Team so they are aware.

Alternatively, you may wish to make a written submission instead, which holds exactly the same weight as an in person representation.

Microphone and camera
You will be asked to keep your camera and microphone off at all times other than when you are invited to speak. If you forget to mute your microphone the Case Team will mute you to reduce background noise and disruption. However, they cannot unmute you. So please check before you speak. If you are participating by telephone you can mute yourself by dialling *6, and then dialling *6 again to unmute.

The Chat and Raise Hand function
The Chat function must not be used and it will not be monitored. If there is a matter that you wish to raise please use the ‘Raise Hand’ icon. Please be patient as the Examining Authority (ExA) may not be able to introduce you immediately. Please remember to ‘lower you hand’ when you have finished or if you no longer wish to speak. If you forget the Case Team will lower your hand.

Identifying yourself before speaking
When you are invited to speak please state your name (and position and company/organisation if applicable) before you speak.  This helps everyone, including those watching the recording later identify who you are.

How do I refer to the Inspectors?
In DCO Hearings it is usual to refer to Inspectors as Mr/Mrs/Miss or Sir etc, whichever you feel most comfortable with.  The important thing is obviously to be friendly and respectful, and remember that legally they have to examine/judge the proposed LTC by the roads policy (National Networks National Policy Statement).

In the LTC DCO the Inspectors names are Mr Smith, Mr Pratt, Mr Young, Mr Taylor, and Miss Laver.  They will each introduce themselves at the beginning of the meetings/hearings.

Leaving and re-joining the Event
If you lose your connection and need to re-join, use the link above or try the telephone number. There may be a wait whilst you are admitted from the Lobby. The ExA will be made aware that you have re-joined so there is no need for you to re-register or introduce yourself. Please be mindful that leaving and re-joining can be disturbing to other attendees. If you need to re-join please make sure your camera is switched off and your is microphone muted before joining.

The email will also include contact details for the PINS Case Team if you have any technical issues.

The Examining Authority (ExA) may share some documents on the screen, if this is the case then the Examination Library reference number will be provided so that you can access the document from there if necessary. If you are not able to see the documents during the Event then you may wish to access the recording of the Event and refer to the documents then.


What if I register and can no longer attend?

If you will no longer be attending the Hearing then you are asked to kindly inform the Case Team.


A few words from TCAG!

Whilst the DCO Hearings may initially feel a little different from what most of us are used to, and possibly even a little intimidating, please try to remember that the PINS Case Team are there to help if they can, and the Inspectors are keen to hear from people and understand that Hearings are not the norm for most of us.

Follow the guidelines and remain polite and respectful during the Hearing and we’re sure you will find it’s not as bad as you may be expecting!  Having attended the Programming Meeting our Chair, Laura reported that “it went smoothly and was nothing to worry about, the team and inspectors are friendly and helpful, and keen to hear what everyone has to say!”



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