LTC DCO Updates Index (2020)

Highways England submitted their Development Consent Order (DCO) application for the proposed Lower Thames Crossing on Fri 23rd October 2020.  This LTC DCO Updates Index will be added to as things progress, and we hope you will find it helpful as a place to find all LTC DCO related updates.

We expected a decision from the Planning Inspectorate today, Fri 20th Nov 2020, as to whether they would be accepting the application or not.

However, HE have instead announced they have withdrawn their LTC DCO application.  They have said they will be working on the application and aim to resubmit it early in the new year.

To find out more about the DCO process please visit the LTC DCO Process update linked below.

Please note timelines can be subject to change depending on what happens, this is just an approximate time line to try and help give everyone an idea of what to expect.


Official LTC DCO updates from the Planning Inspectorate

Whilst we will be doing our best to keep you updated as always, you may also wish to register for the official Planning Inspectorate email updates relating to LTC.  You can do this on their website here.

Please be aware that you can only currently sign up for email updates, and this is not the same as registering as an Interested Party, details of which will follow at the relevant time.


LTC DCO related Updates Index


LTC DCO application

TCAG Inadequacies of LTC Consulation

LTC DCO application

HE update on the withdrawal of the LTC DCO

Reasons for the LTC DCO

Links to all the official DCO documents

Highways England have made the decision not to release the official LTC DCO documents to the public until their DCO application is accepted.  When this happens the documents will be available on the Planning Inspectorate website here.   We will also do our best to share direct links to the documents here, as we usually do during consultations once they have been released.