Compulsory Acquisition Hearing

If your land and/property would be directly impacted by the proposed Lower Thames Crossing, if it goes ahead, you can request to be heard at a Compulsory Acquisition Hearing (CAH).

This type of hearing is strictly for those who are officially considered ‘Affected Parties’.

Generally if you have been receiving correspondence from NH/LTC Land & Property Team you should be considered an Affected Party.

If you wish to double check your status as an Affected Party then please refer to the ‘Book of Reference’ in the Examination Library.

As some documents in the DCO application are subject to updates we suggest searching the Examination Library for ‘Book of Reference’ to ensure you locate the most up to date file, rather than use trying to share a direct link here.

To search the Library you can use Ctrl+F and then type in Book of Reference.  Then click on the Book of Reference link.

Please note this is a large file so may take a while to load and be ready to search.  Again you should be able to use Ctrl+F then type in your name to search for your entry in the Book of Reference.

The Book of Reference will also confirm your land/property ‘Plot number(s)’ which you may need to refer to for Compulsory Acquisition Hearing as a way to formally identify your land/property.


Taking part in a Compulsory Acquisition Hearing

A further announcement will be made as to when and where hearings will be. Generally DCO Examination hearings take place either in person at a venue and/or online virtually via Microsoft Teams.

You will be able to watch hearings via the Live Stream online on the day of the Examination, and recordings of hearing will be published shortly after hearings have taken place. More details of taking part in the Related Links section below.

There is also opportunity to submit written representations at various associated Deadlines. See our DCO process timeline and/or the official Exam Timetable on the LTC PINS webpage for more info.

All representations, whether oral or in writing, will carry the same weight and be given equal consideration by the Examining Authority.

When will Compulsory Acquisition Hearings be held?

Dates have been reserved for Compulsory Acquisition Hearings as needed, and definite details will be confirmed and announced on the PINS LTC webpages in due course.


Confirmed dates:

On the 7th August 2023 PINS announced the following Compulsory Acquisition Hearings (CAH):

  • 15th September 2023 – Compulsory Acquisition Hearing 1 (CAH1) – The Applicant’s Strategic Case – find out more
  • 15th September 2023 – Compulsory Acquisition Hearing 2 (CAH2) – Objections – find out more
  • 17th October 2023 – Compulsory Acquisition Hearing 3 (CAH3) – Objections –  find out more
  • 18th October 2023 – Compulsory Acquisition Hearing 4 (CAH4) – Objections – find out more
  • 21st November 2023 – Compulsory Acquisition Hearing 5 (CAH5) – Objections – find out more

The Compulsory Acquisition Hearing on 21st Nov (CAH5) is the final opportunity for Affected Persons to be heard orally in the LTC DCO Examination.  Please register to speak by Deadline 6 (31st October 2023) if you are an Affected Person who wishes to speak.

The ExA will publish a detailed draft agenda on the project website at least five working days in advance of the hearing date. The actual agenda on the day of each hearing may be subject to change at the discretion of the ExA.


Questions relating to Compulsory Acquisition Hearings

If you have any questions regarding the Compulsory Acquisition Hearings please contact the PINS LTC Case Team asap via email or calling 0303 444 5000 quoting your Unique Reference Number which will appear on top of official documents you should have received.



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