LTC DCO Examination Library

The LTC DCO Examination Library detailing the many documents associated with the DCO process has been published.

Whereas with the LTC consultation we were able to publish a list of documents to help you see what materials were available, things are a bit different with the DCO process.

With a DCO an Examination Library is published that lists each document that has been submitted to the examination by any party
and documents that have been issued by the Planning Inspectorate. All documents listed have been published to the National Infrastructure Planning website and a hyperlink is provided for each document.

A unique reference is given to each document; these references will be used within the Report on the Implications for European Sites (if issued) and will be used in the Examining Authority’s Recommendation Report to the Secretary of State.

The documents within the library are categorised either by document type or by the deadline to which they are submitted.

It is very important to remember that:

  • This is a working document and will be updated periodically as the examination progresses.
  • Advice under Section 51 of the Planning Act 2008 that has been issued by the Inspectorate in Pre-application is published to the National Infrastructure Website but is not included within the Examination Library as such advice is not an examination document.
  • This document only contains documents from the point the application was submitted to when the examination closes.
  • The order of documents within each sub-section is either chronological, numerical, or alphabetical and suggests no priority or higher status on those that have been listed first.

As the Library will constantly be changing throughout the process it will be impossible for us to continuously update any listing on our website, so we recommend instead that you click through and/or bookmark the Examination Library as and when you need to refer to any documents and updates.


Lower Thames Crossing DCO Examination Library


We understand that the LTC DCO application documentation should also be available to view locally.  We understand that further details of this should be available upon request from the Planning Inspectorate (PINS). TCAG are making enquiries and will update again when we know more.

The application documents alone are evidently around 63,000 pages, and would take up approx 33 meters of shelf space.  It is going to be interesting to find out where the local copies will be available!

It is also a huge amount of reading, so we really need people to please step up and get involved in the DCO process.  Together we are stronger!