LTC DCO Site Inspections

As part of the LTC DCO Site Inspections are carried out.  Some are Accompanied (with others joining the Planning Inspectors) and others are Unaccompanied (USI) (where the Inspectors go out on their own).


Accompanied Site Inspections

It is important to know that the Accompanied Site Inspections are not an opportunity to make representation to, or to lobby, the Examiners. The site inspections are to allow those who attend the chance to view different viewpoints and aspects of the proposed route that fall within privately owned land, to better familiarise yourself with, and try and obtain a better understanding of the locations.  Some ASI will be limited and by invitation only, due to limited access and safety requirements etc.


Accompanied Site Inspections

  • ASI1 – Kent – 12th September 2023 – 9am to approx. 4pm – more info
  • ASI2 – Essex South – 13th September 2023 – 9am to approx. 4pm – more info
  • ASI3 – Essex North – 14th September 2023 – 9am to approx. 4pm – more info
  • ASI4 – HS2 Chiltern Compound – 20th October 2023 – by invitation only* – more info
  • ASI5 – Thames Ports – 24th November 2023 (by invitation only* – more info

* TCAG are grateful that the ExA have kindly invited a member of TCAG to attend ASI4 and ASI5 which have a very limited number of participants.



Background info
National Highways had until Procedural Deadline B (26th May 2023) to submit a Proposed Accompanied Site Inspection Itinerary [PDB-001]

Interested Parties had until Procedural Deadline C to make a written submission in regard to the proposed Accompanied Site Inspection Itineraries that National Highways proposed on 26th May 2023 (see above).

NH/LTC then had until Deadline 1 (18th July 2023) to submit the Amended Proposed Accompanied Site Inspection (ASI) Itinerary [REP1-178]

Interested Parties then had until Deadline 2 (3rd August 2023) to make any further comments.

Interested Parties had until Deadline 1 to register their interest in attending the future Accompanied Site Inspections.  Those who did so then have until each respective deadline to confirm their wish to attend once the confirmed dates of the ASI are announced.


Unaccompanied Site Inspections

USI1 – 6 and 7 December 2022 [SI-001]

USI2 – 13, 14 and 15 February 2023 [SI-002]

USI3 – 21 and 22 March 2023 [SI-003]

USI4 – 5 and 7 June 2023 [SI-004]

USI5 – 5 and 6 July 2023 [SI-005]



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