Examining Authority’s Written Questions

At various points in the LTC DCO Examination the Examining Authority’s Written Questions will be issued.  These questions provide the ExA with opportunities to put written questions to both National Highways and other parties that are participating in the LTC DCO examination.

Whilst nobody yet knows how many questions the ExA will issue.  For other large DCO project there have been up to around 1000 questions issued.  With the LTC DCO application being so huge and complex it is anticipated that there could be a lot of questions!  Any issued questions will have a deadline by which to respond.

Questions are anticipated to be largely aimed at the Applicant, National Highways.  However, some will be to other parties too.

No notification is sent to advise you that a question has been asked of you, so Interested Parties need to review the questions when they are issued to see if there are any questions for you.


First ExA Questions

The Examining Authority (ExA) published the first written questions and request for information (ExQ1) on 15 August 2023. on the PINS LTC webpages.

ExQ1 – First ExA Written questions – click here

The deadline to respond to the Examining Authority’s first written questions was Deadline 4 – 23:59 on Tues 19th September 2023.


Further ExA Questions

The Examination Timetable enables the ExA to issue further written questions, if considered necessary.  Watch this space!

The next batch of ExA Questions ExQ2 are anticipated to be published on 10th October 2023.



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