Design Refinement Consultation

LTC Design Consultation 2020 Index

The LTC Design Consultation ran from Tues 14th July to Weds 12th August 2020.

This consultation followed the Statutory Consultation in 2018 and Supplementary Consultation 2020.

Details can also be found on Highways England’s official consultation website – click here


Key Design Consultation 2020 updates are listed here

LTC Design Consultation Announcedclick here

LTC Maps (issued 14th July 2020) click here

LTC Design Consultation – Taking Partclick here

LTC Consultation webinarsclick here

Missing HE letters to residentsclick here

Thurrock Council’s response to LTC Design Consultationclick here

More missing HE lettersclick here

Design Consultation materials inadequaciesclick here

Inadequacies of the actual consultationclick here



TCAG response to the LTC Design Refinement Consultationclick here



Links to all the official Highways England LTC Design Consultation documents

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