LTC Design Consultation 2020 Index

The LTC Design Consultation will run from Tues 14th July to Weds 12th August 2020.

This consultation follows the Statutory Consultation in 2018 and Supplementary Consultation 2020, completed earlier this year.

This will most likely be the last chance for residents to have any chance to shape the design before Highways England submit their Development Consent Order application, which they current plan to do in late 2020.  It is vital that as many people as possible review and respond to this consultation.

Details of the changes and what HE will be consulting on in this consultation will be released at 00.01 on Tues 14th July.  We as an action group will of course share our comments on this as soon as we have had time to review the info.  We will no doubt then do further research and have lots of questions for Highways England.

Details can also be found on Highways England’s official consultation website –


Details and links to our posts relating to the Design Consultation 2020 will be listed here

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More info and links will be added as we review the Design Consultation documentation, and get answers to questions!


Links to all the official Highways England LTC Design Consultation documents

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