Design Refinement Consultation

TCAG response to LTC Design Refinement Consultation (Summer 2020)

Well we’re not ashamed to say that this has probably been the hardest LTC consultation to date for so many reasons.  But here is the official TCAG response to LTC Design Refinement Consultation (Summer 2020)

Huge big thanks and well done to each and every one of our thousands of members/supporters who have put in the time and effort to respond to yet another hellish LTC consultation full of yet more inadequacies, during the COVID-19 crisis, and in limited time.

Here is the response we have submitted on behalf of the group.

TCAG Design Refinement Consultation Response (Summer 2020)



You can scroll through all 77 pages using the arrows!

If you are having any issues with viewing our response above it can also be downloaded as a pdf file here.

Whilst the consultation ends at 23:59 tonight, there is still plenty going on behind the scenes, and things we will bring you in due course.


The fight continues, and together we are stronger!