Latest LTC site works announcements

Find out more about the latest LTC site works announcements (Latest update 20th September 2020):

Please remember these works are all investigative works and not the start of construction. Highways England cannot legally start any construction work until they have been granted a Development Consent Order (DCO), and to date they haven’t even submitted a DCO application, let alone been granted one.  These works are standard proceedure in preparation for their DCO application, and soil should be put back after works are completed.

Current Investigative Works

The latest details of current works on the proposed Lower Thames Crossing taken from Highways England official Lower Thames Crossing website. It is worth noting that not all LTC related investigative works will be listed on the HE website, some sites that are on private land will not be listed.

You can also view this map and find out more at

 We have an update here if you need to report any issues/concerns relating LTC related works/sites. 


You can read more about some recent issues and concerns about LTC sites in the South/North Ockendon area here.


Archaeological Trial Trenching surveys

To find out more on Archaeological Trial Trenching survey works from HE visit


Ground Investigations Surveys

To find out more on Ground Investigation techniques you can visit


Utility Trial Trenching

To find out more on Utility Trial Trenching you can visit


Installation of survey nails

To find out more on the Installation of survey nails you can visit


COVID-19 working

Thames Crossing Action Group remain strongly and completely opposed to ANY works being carried out in relation to the proposed LTC during the current global COVID-19 pandemic crisis, and in no way consider any part of LTC to be essential work at this time. We consider these works to be irresponsible, unethical, and immoral on the basis that the health and lives of the workers, and everyone else and the NHS is being put at risk.

You can read more about this in our previous updates that are referenced below in the ‘Related Updates’ section of this page.


Highways England have today (17th April 2020) also made the following statement:

Please note Highways England takes the health and wellbeing of the public and our staff extremely seriously. We are fully supporting the Government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic in following their policy that construction activity should continue where it can be undertaken in accordance with the Public Health England and Industry guidance.

Highways England has reviewed our site works on the Lower Thames Crossing project and has considerably reduced current works to essential survey and investigation work only.  A number of our activities across the route have been postponed whilst we undertake reviews on how they can be carried out in full compliance with the guidance and recommendation available. Some work , such as Archaeological Trial Trenching is continuing in accordance with method statements that are in full compliance with all current guidance.

We are aware that this is a rapidly changing picture and we will continue to follow and implement Government guidance as and when it is updated.

Related bodies

From what we have been told the two bodies that HE state their site works should be undertaken in accordance with are:

Government/Public Health England –

Construction Leadership Council – and they have also issued this about face coverings –

NB. These are the most up to date versions/links available on 3rd Oct 2020 and are subject to change as things get updated


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is the relevant enforcing authority for PHE guidelines. If a site is not consistently implementing the measures set out by Public Health England (PHE), it may be subject to enforcement action.

Concerns can be reported to the HSE via

If you wish to contact HE about any issues/concerns on any LTC related works sites email

If you wish to keep TCAG in the loop about an concerns with regards to these works our email address is  Any photo/video evidence you wish to send us is always helpful, but please remember safety comes first. Please practice social distancing and do not put yourself at any risk to get photos/videos.  Please remember to tell us exactly where and when you witnessed your concerns, and confirm if you are happy for us to use/share the info with others or not.  Together we are stronger.


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