LTC/A13 junctions

In this update we have a look at the LTC/A13 junctions and try to help unravel the mystery of these confusing and inadequate junctions that are being proposed.

A13/A1089 Junction Connections Chart


This  chart taken from page 63 of the Supplementary Consultation Guide shows you the connections that are possible to and from the LTC around the A13.

To read this chart find your starting point or location in the left hand column then look along the columns to see which direct connections you can (or can’t!) make.

As you can see there is a distinct lack of adequate connections between LTC and the existing road network.  In many of these instances it will mean traffic will need to take long detours to gain access to the destination they wish to reach.


LTC/A13 Junctions

This map shows you all connections between the proposed LTC and the A13, between the general Orsett Cock and Baker St area.  We’ve colour coded it to try and help everyone understand this complicated and confusing section.

Click the map to enlarge it

Remember around these LTC/A13 junctions they would also need to have signage to inform drivers of the charge to use the crossing section, as well as general direction signage.  This will add to the confusion with lots of signage.

We’ve published another update here, which will show some of the possibilities of what will happen when people take a wrong turn, it’s not looking good.


You can find details of the changes to this junction in the Supplementary Consultation Guide, starting on page 52.


LTC/A13/Orsett Cock junction

We hope this video will also help give you a better idea of how the proposed LTC/A1089(south)/A13/Orsett Cock junctions will look.  Again we have colour coded the different connections to try and make it a little easier to understand, as it is a very confusing and complicated set of junctions/roads.


For more info on the now legendary Stanford Detour please visit or watch the Stanford Detour video directly on our YouTube channel –

LTC/A13 junctions (near Baker St)

And here’s a similar video for the Baker Street section of the junctions


Don’t forget that there is also a built in 2 lane bottleneck on the A13 –

Or that the LTC between the M25 and just past the A13 southbound will  now be just two lanes, creating a nice bottleneck, and even more so when there is an incident and all 5 lanes of M25 traffic wants to use the LTC.  5 lanes into 2 doesn’t really work, does it!? –