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TCAG for children

The decisions and actions made now will be what children inherit moving forward. That’s why we have now added this new section on our website called TCAG for children.  In this section we bring you some activities for the younger members of our communities.

Remember, everyone is entitled to take part in the LTC consultations, and that includes children (with parental/guardian permission).  We hope that these activities will help children feel part of the fight against LTC and encourage them to have their say!



Spot the Difference

We’ve popped together a Spot the Difference, click on the image to view/download/print the game.

Obviously these images are just for the game.
Sadly in reality if the road did go ahead it would more like this.


Word Searches

How about a couple of word searches for a bit of fun too?!  Click through on the images to view/download/print each of the word searches.  See if you can work out which word is not in there, and then have a think about what that means when you consider your consultation responses.









Respond to the LTC Consultation

Don’t forget younger members of our community can take part in the consultation too!  Just be sure to have parent/guardian permission.

The decisions that are made now will be what our children inherit, so it’s important that they have a say if they can.

Send pictures, poems, comments etc either via post or email:

  • POST – Send your responses to FREEPOST LTC CONSULTATION
    The freepost address is the only text needed on the envelope and no stamp is required.
    Highways England have confirmed postal responses dated up to and including Thurs 9th September will be accepted.
  • EMAIL – Send your responses to: LTC.CONSULTATION@TRAVERSE.LTD

Parent/guardians – if you feel it may help Highways England to better interpret your little ones drawings/responses you are allowed to add a few words to help explain if you wish. 

Some of our woodland members


Contributions we love

We’d love to see the responses that the younger members of our community create, so please feel free to share them with us via you never know they may end up featuring on the website!

Big thanks to all who take part….



Get the Spot the Difference and both word searches in one convenient download here

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