Campaign images to share on social media

Please feel free to share any of the images/video below on social media etc to help spread the word about the proposed Lower Thames Crossing..  Together we are stronger!  Thanks

Please do try to including a link in your posts back to TCAG website or social media channels, just to make it easier for people to find out more.  Thanks




LTC - Not fit for purpose

LTC Cost

LTC Route Options

LTC Noise Pollution


LTC Nitrogen Deposition

LTC - Impacts on badgers

Forests and Woodlands

LTC Wildlife impacts

LTC - Not fit for purpose

LTC Carbon Emissions

LTC - Air pollution

LTC - Air pollution

LTC impacts on marine wildlife


LTC impacts on bugs

LTC impacts on farming

LTC impacts on bats


We will add others as and when we can so do check back from time to time for more images to share!