Tackling local air quality breaches public inquiry

The Government’s Public Accounts Committee examines the value for money of Government projects, programmes and service delivery. Drawing on the work of the National Audit Office the Committee holds government officials to account for the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of public spending. They are currently holding a public inquiry into ‘Tackling local air quality breaches’. We of course had to make a representation!

What’s it about?

The UK is not currently meeting its statutory obligations for some local air quality levels, like nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

The Committee will question the senior responsible officials at Defra, DfT and National Highways on the government’s approach to clean air and how effectively it is tackling breaches of local air quality limits, including:

  • Whether government’s programme to tackle breaches of local air quality limits is well set
  • The progress government has made in delivering this programme and what has been spent
  • How government is managing ongoing risks to tackling local breaches of air quality

We feel this public inquiry is extremely relevant to the proposed LTC and air pollution in our communities, so we had to submit a representation.

We hope that our representation in this inquiry will be helpful to the committee and help provide evidence that the proposed Lower Thames Crossing will not help tackle air pollution.  If the Government truly want to tackle air quality issues they cannot progress projects like the proposed LTC which would be hugely destructive and harmful. We all deserve the right to breathe clean air.


TCAG representation
Tackling local air quality breaches public Inquiry

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Our response was submitted on 16th June 2022.


If you wish to make a last minute representation the deadline is 6pm on Mon 20th June 2022.



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