Pollution and Traffic, a view from Jackie

The Pollution must be fogging everyone’s brains.

We at TCAG are a little confused when we hear JDP talking about traffic and pollution, with regards A14 on her facebook page

To quote:

“Jackie Doyle-Price: The traffic that would use A14 keeps moving already. Flowing traffic is not the cause of air pollution. Traffic that is slow moving and stopping and starting is the cause if air pollution. The traffic that leaves or joins at J30 and which would be reduced by an alternative crossing”

JDP on A14
JDP on Option A Route 14
Infant School maths
According to JDP a junction that moves 14% of traffic is better for Thurrock than one which removes 50%. Another way to say this possibly is if you remove 50% of a congestion problem from an area the stuff that is at a standstill can’t move more freely?

With this sort of insight and smart thinking is it any wonder we in Thurrock, will now be forever burdened with Lower Thames Crossing Route C3?