Baker Street Interchange will not support Port HGVs

Highways England Propose ALL Tilbury & DP World Port Traffic to use The Orsett Cock


Can you imagine what the orsett cock roundabout would be like with both Thurrock ports using this junction to gain access to the Proposed Option C Route 3 Road?


Here is the basic map of the Orsett Interchange (Baker Street) area.Highways England Option 3

As you can see, this junction is designed to be as freely flowing as possible with its viaducts, slipways and high elevated bridges – spanning the already elevated section of the A13… Imagine how high this will be!

First estimates from 2016 consultation drawings suggest vehicles will be travelling approximately 30m in the air. About half the height of the A282 Bridge crossing the Thames… WOW!

Even with the complexity of the Baker Street interchange, the road still wont be able to offer either Tilbury or DP World a direct link to this new route (Option C Route 3).

With even more WOW factor, Highways England propose both DP World & Tilbury Docks HGV movements gain access to this new road via the Orsett Cock and a revised A128 (heading south into Chadwell St Mary).

This link road becomes just as important as the existing Thames crossing – the A128 as a link road onto the new Option C Route 3 road, can you actually imagine it?

Ok it will give residents of the area pretty quick transit heading over to Kent.. Margate, Dover, Medway etc… But how do you fancy mixing with HGVs on this route… With equally tight hairpin turns, this A128 link road proposes to be just as dangerous as the junction of the A1089 and the A13.

Tilbury Port

This ^^ is the Tilbury Route Proposal on to the new road.. if heading south or from the south back to the port.

dp world

This map illustrates the route proposal to and from DP world.

Can you imagine what this new spur road will be like.. let alone how busy the orsett cock will become, flooded with HGVs 24hrs a day.

Please feel free to share this post with your ward councillors & MPs – please ask them what their opinion of this is.