LTC works have damaged a Gas pipeline

We have been alerted to the fact that LTC works have damaged a gas pipeline off Thong Lane, Gravesend, Kent.  The investigative works have been taking place in a field next to residential properties.

Highways England confirmed via email yesterday (Nov 6th 2020)

During ground investigation work earlier this week our site team scratched some of the enamel off a gas pipeline. The team were aware of the location of the pipeline, but an error was made on the digging location. The team has robust digging safety procedures in place which prevented any serious damage to the pipe. National Grid has made an inspection of the pipe and confirmed that there was no serious damage. They estimate that it will take around one week to make the necessary repairs and do not anticipate that the supply of gas to the area will be affected.


While no serious damage was done we take such matters very seriously and have thoroughly reviewed the team’s procedures and ensured that the relevant measures are in place to help ensure that this does not happen again. – Highways England/LTC


Local residents have been told by National Grid engineers that they have reduced the pressure in the mains to make it safe.


Parking issues

This latest news follows the need for complaints to be reported to HE regarding LTC workers parking vehicles blocking driveways in Thong Lane, which HE have also now confirmed they have addressed.


Safety concerns over LTC investigative works

Of course this is not the first time there has been concern over LTC investigative works, especially in relation to health and safety.  This latest incident does nothing to reassure anybody over concerns relating to Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)(bombs) in areas where LTC investigative works are being carried out.

You may remember we have reported on concerns over UXO most recently in relation to LTC sites in South and North Ockendon.  HE have refused to share adequate info to try and give reassurances, including withholding info requested by us in a Freedom of Information (FOI) request.  They stated the reason they would not share the info requested was because it will become available within the Development Consent Order (DCO) documents.  As we all now know HE have made the decision not to allow the DCO documents available to the public until the Planning Inspectorate accept the application, and the Pre-Examination stage of the process begins.

We have requested a review of this decision which takes time, further delaying tactics from HE.

How is anybody meant to have any confidence or trust in HE/LTC and their workers/contractors when it seems to be one issue after another, including things like this latest incident?


Report issues and concerns

If you witness or experience any LTC related issues and/or concerns please report them directly to or call 0300 123 5000.  Please feel free to copy into your email if you wish.

It can take HE up to 15 working days to respond to emails and calls, so if it is a matter or urgency please do state that in your email.

And obviously if it is an emergency situation please do whatever you would normally do in such a situation.