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Impacts to Thurrock

Thurrock Council have long publicly stated their strong opposition to the proposed Lower Thames Crossing, find out more about what they feel the impacts to Thurrock are.

Thurrock Council commissioned a study that highlights the possible economic and social harm to Thurrock if Highways England goes ahead with its proposals for the Lower Thames Crossing route, these reports were released in February 2020.

The suite of documents outline the impacts to Thurrock, both financially, and to communities, health, and the environment.

Some of the anticipated key impacts of the LTC to Thurrock list in the documents include:

  • Up to £61M loss for Thurrock businesses during construction and operation
  • More air and noise pollution
  • Up to 1,400 homes impacted
  • Land for up to 3,500 potential new homes lost or delayed
  • Potentially more than £150M loss for  Thurrock
  • 152 hectares of farmland lost
  • 138ha of habitat lost or damaged during construction
  • Over 55,000 residents live near the LTC
    (TCAG hope enough of them will take part in the current consulation)
  • Negative impact on our communities

Here is a copy of the non-technical report, we recommend downloading or accessing this doc via the links below for the best experience as you will need to zoom in or scroll across the pdf page to view below, as the pages switch from portrait to landscape so the right hand pages are not always initially visible below.



You can download the full study, along with its executive summary and the non-technical report, below:

Lower Thames Crossing: economic costs reports – February 2020

Thurrock Council’s response to the LTC Supplementary Consultation 2020

The final draft of Thurrock Council’s response to this consultation is now available to view online in both full and exec summary formats:

The final draft is the main item on the LTC Task Force Meeting agenda, which will be held on Monday 16th March 2020 in the main council chambers at Thurrock Council offices in Grays, the meeting is scheduled to start at 5pm.  At this meeting the response will then be taken to the General Services meeting and progressed through Council procedures to be submitted as Thurrock Council’s official response to the LTC Supplementary Consultation 2020.

Details of the LTC Task Force meeting can be found –

Updated 20/03/20 the audio recording of the March LTC Task Force meeting can now be found at –