March 2020 LTC Task Force Meeting

The March 2020 LTC Task Force Meeting is 5pm on Monday 16th March 2020 at Thurrock Council, New Road, Grays, Essex RM17 6LS.

Please note that the March LTC Task Force meeting will start earlier than usual, as 5pm.  This is to allow Task Force members the chance to approve the council’s official consultation response before it is taken to the General Service meeting at 6pm to allow for the document to be signed off as neccessary by council officialdom before it is submitted as their response to the consultation.

Thames Crossing Action Group have made the difficult decison to NOT attend this meeting due to concerns over Coronavirus. Please read – which we will update accordingly.

Members of the public can attend and sit in the public area. Please note that this month’s meeting will be held in the main Council Chambers, turn right when you enter the main building, through the doors and then right at the end and around into the public viewing area for the Council Chambers.

Questions can be emailed to any of the following Councillors who are on the Task Force Meeting up to 3 working days before the meeting.


This is the list of committee members according to Thurrock Council website

Info regarding the March 2020 LTC Task Force Meeting can be found here at the Council website

Previous LTC Task Force Meetings

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