Freedom of Information request appeal

After the LTC Accounting Officer Assessment (AOA) was finally published, we submitted a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to the Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) for copies of the two IPA reviews on the LTC.

The LTC AOA referenced the IPA stage gate assessment review in November 2021 and also a follow-up IPA independent peer review in June 2022.

We feel it is important and in the public interest to know what is in these reviews of the LTC.  Particularly when they are being referenced in such an important document as the Accounting Officer Assessment. The AOA is supposed to offer transparency and guidance to Ministers who are making decisions about spending significant amounts of public money.

We submitted our FOI using WhatDoTheyKnow on the 6th January 2023.

The Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) comes under the remit of The Treasury and The Cabinet Office.  On 3rd February The Cabinet Office responded to advise that our FOI had been refused.

We have since instructed Leigh Day, who have responded to request an internal review of this decision, as a form of appeal.

Redacted - Letter to Cabinet Office dated 9 March 2023


The Cabinet Office have acknowledge the letter from Leigh Day on the 10th March and stated that they will endeavour to complete the internal review and respond to you within 20 working days.

We would like to thank our those who have made donations to TCAG for us to be able to take such actions when needed.  We also thank our friends at Transport Action Network who are co-funding this with us, because they recognise the importance of requesting such information.  We know things are tough for many right now, but if you are in a position that you would like to donate to TCAG funds for future actions as needed please see the details at the bottom of this update.  Together we are stronger, thanks!

We have also sent details about our appeal to the Public Accounts Committee, National Audit Office, and Transport Select Committee.

The Public Accounts Committee in particular have previously voiced concerns as to whether the IPA will be able to make use of its authority and influence to drive the change required throughout government.


Update (9th May 2023)

The statutory deadline for the Cabinet Office to respond to the letter that Leigh Day sent on our behalf was 9th May 2023.  Our solicitors contacted the Cabinet Office on the 9th, since they had not received any response.  They were advised that they are not yet in a position to respond to our request for internal review but will do so as soon as possible.  Leigh Day have now pointed out to the Cabinet Office that they are in breach of legislation.


Update (31st May 2023)

On 26th May Leigh Day again followed up with the Cabinet Office in regard to our FOI, who again responded with a holding response saying they were still working on our request for the internal review of the refusal of our FOI request.

Since they have been in breach of legislation since 9th of May we then instructed Leigh Day to submit a complaint to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), which was done on the 31st May 2023.


Now we wait to see what happens next, and will update further  as we hear back from the ICO and/or Cabinet Office.


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