TCAG letter to TaxPayers Alliance (updated 14 Oct)

The TaxPayers Alliance fight to reform taxes and public services, cut wasteful spending and speak up for British taxpayers. Here’s a copy of the TCAG letter to TaxPayers Alliance, in which we express our concerns and provide evidence as to why the proposed Lower Thames Crossing is not fit for purpose, and is a complete waste of taxpayers money.

TCAG letter to TaxPayers Alliance


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If you are having any issues with viewing our response above it can also be downloaded as a pdf file here.


Update 14th Oct 2020

We have had an initial response from the TaxPayers’ Alliance thanking us for taking the time to write to them, and stating that our letter raises lots of very interesting issues. They were concerned to see that costs have risen from the original £6.8 billion budget as stated in their Great British Transport Competition research paper.  They seem very aware of the many problems with the Dartford Crossing.  That something has to be done as the Dartford crossing isn’t fit for purpose, but ultimately taxpayers have to get value for money, both in terms of cost and avoiding damage to the environment.  They are interested in discussing further, and seem keen to learn more about Option A14.

We have just replied with further details and info, and will keep this article updated with any further responses in due course!


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