TCAG at the Estuary Festival

James Marriott one of the co-curators for the Estuary Festival kindly invited us to join a live online discussion panel as part of the festival, to speak about Thames Crossing Action Group and our work fighting the proposed Lower Thames Crossing.

Our event is part of a series throughout the festival called ‘Crude Britannia‘.  The festival runs from 22nd May through to 13th June 2021. We were delighted to be invited to be part of the opening and closing weekends. Thanks to James, the other panelists, and to the British Sign Language interpreters and captioners, and production team who were great behind the scenes making it all run so smoothly.  And of course thanks to everyone who tuned in, either live or on catch up!

First TCAG session at the festival – Crude Britannia Pt 2

Our discussion group included James Marriott, Terry Macalister, and Lucia Dove.  There was also a pre-record by Laura Littleton from the Environment Agency about flooding.

The event was broadcast live, and is now available to watch again (see below), and you can find more details about the panelists at

We’ve highlighted approx timings of each section of the session below for ease of reference.


Crude Britannia Pt2 (approx timings)

00:00 – 05:15 – Intro by James Marriott

05:15 – 13:02 – Reading by Terry Macalister

13:02 – 14:05 – James Marriott

14:05 – 17:47 – Platform’s short film ‘The People will Possess the Wind’

17:47 – 24:10 –  Laura Littleton from Environment Agency pre-record and live from James Marriott on flooding in the Thames Estuary

24:10 – 33:29 – Laura Blake, Thames Crossing Action Group, speaking about the proposed Lower Thames Crossing

33.29 – 44:35  – Reading and discussion by Lucia Dove with James Marriott on flooding

44:35 – 01:10:17 – Group discussion with Laura Blake (TCAG), James Marriott, Terry Macalister, Lucia Dove

01:10:17 – 01:15:20 – Lucia Dove’s short film VLEOD


Second TCAG session at the festival – Crude Britannia Pt 5

James kindly invited us to return to join him for another slot at the festival on Saturday 12th June between 2-3pm.  Joining us on the panel this time was James Marriott, Terry Macalister, Mika Minio of the TUC, and pre-records by Danielle Lane – UK Manager of Vattenfall, and Richard Houguez & Platform.

You can watch this session online at

We’ve highlighted approx timings of each section of the session below for ease of reference.

Crude Britannia Pt5 (approx timings)

0:00:00 – 0:02:54 – Intro holding page

0:02:54 – 0:10:00 – Introduction by James Marriott – including Crude Britannia video short

0:10.00 – 0:19.09   Terry Macalister reads from Crude Britannia

0:19.09 – 0:23.48   Screening of The People will Possess the Wind – Part III: Wind – artist film by Richard Houguez and Platform

0:23.48 – 0:38.34   Danielle Lane – CEO of Vattenfall UK – on Vattenfall’s three wind farms, the Estuary, and the future of wind energy in the region (pre-recorded)

0:38.34 – 0:51.13   Mika Minio-Palluelo – Energy economist, the UK Trades Union Congress – chats to James Marriott on the future of wind and the question of ownership

0:51.13 – 0:57.25   Laura Blake – Thames Crossing Action Group – chats to James Marriott on the campaign to stop the Lower Thames Crossing motorway and its relationship to electric vehicles

0:57.25 – 1:15.43   Discussion between Mika Minio-Palluelo, Laura Blake and Terry Macalister, hosted by James Marriott

1:15.43 – 1:20:46   Screening of The People will Possess the Wind trailer, artist film by Richard Houguez



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