Spending Review 2021

The Government’s Spending Review 2021 will soon be upon us.  The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak MP, has said it will conclude alongside an Autumn Budget on 27 October 2021 to be specific.

This was another chance for us all to make representations to the Government about our opinions of the proposed Lower Thames Crossing, and how it would be a waste of taxpayers’ money.  Thanks to everyone who submitted their Spending Review representations, and to those who shared their representations with us.  Now we wait until 27th October 2021 to find out what the Government have decided.


TCAG representation

We have now submitted the official TCAG representation.  Remember your representation doesn’t have to be as long in depth as the official group response, it is about sharing your own comments and concerns about the cost/spending aspect of the LTC.

2021 Spending Review Representation


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If you are having any issues with viewing our response above it can also be downloaded as a pdf file here.


Our accompanying short summary of our representation used to submit the representation via the official portal was:
Our representation provides evidence of why the funding for the proposed Lower Thames Crossing needs to be withdrawn and the project halted with immediate effect.  Evidence shows that the project is simply not fit for purpose, does not fulfil the scheme objectives, would be hugely destructive and harmful to both the environment and our health, and that no evidence has been provided of the purported economic benefits. We hope the uploaded representation helps explain why spending on this project needs to be reviewed immediately, and would be happy to discuss or provide further clarification of our concerns if needed.

HM Treasury accepted submissions until 5pm on 30 September 2021 – representation can no longer be made for this Spending Review.




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