East Anglia GREEN Consultation response

National Grid have been holding their East Anglia GREEN Consultation relating to their proposals for 180km of new electricity pylons between Norwich and Tilbury.

Don’t be fooled by the name, there’s nothing green that we can see about this proposal!  And just like the proposed LTC the consultation for this National Grid proposals is inadequate too.

Information has been very limited and all focuses on just one proposal, there are no options.

From the little info there is, and a very brief response we got in regard to our questions about how their proposals site alongside National Highways’ proposed LTC there definitely seems to be a questionable overlap of the two proposals to us.  Their proposals are marked by the purple swathe in the image above.

To us it appears that National Highways are proposing considerable utility works, including moving pylons and cables for the LTC, at great cost to taxpayers. And then National Grid are potentially proposing to come along and want to change what has been done yet again.

Our response is short and to the point voicing our concerns about the conflict between the two projects and general lack of info and inadequacy of the consultation.

Obviously our official TCAG response is purely based on representation in regard to LTC and not other aspects.  However, there is a new group questioning and opposing these pylon plans Essex Suffolk Norfolk Pylons.  The group is growing fast as are the number of signatures on their petition.  Please sign the petition if you have concerns about these proposals.

And if you wish to have your say in the consultation the deadline is 16th June 2022.  We found it easiest to just email our comments in our own words to as their response form is worded in a way to try and get the responses they are looking for.


TCAG Response
TCAG response - East Anglia GREEN 2022



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