LTC Consultations/DCO

More about LTC Consultations/DCO….

The Department for Transport held a consultation in 2013.  The Government then asked Highways England to run a consultation in 2016 on Locations A and C. A prefered route, C3, was announced in 2017, and then the following consultations took place.

LTC Statutory Consultation

LTC Supplementary Consultation

LTC Design Consultation

LTC DCO application

LTC Community Impacts Consultation

More of the history of the LTC process can be read here.



Here are some other consultations that we have responded to on behalf of Thames Crossing Action Group, as we believe them to be relevant to the proposed LTC.

Blue Bell Hill Improvements Consultation

Comprehensive Spending Review

London Resort (theme park) Consultation

Tree Strategy Consultation

Transport Decarbonisation Plan Consultation