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Thames Crossing Action Group response to LTC Consultation

As everyone knows Thames Crossing Action Group did not feel that the Lower Thames Crossing Consultation ran long enough to allow everyone the chance to fully review and understand the unprecedented documents that support the consultation, get answers to our questions, and to have time to be able to respond adequately.

The sheer volume and complexity of them was confusing and intimidating, along with so many errors, and so much misinformation and biased presentation of the proposed Lower Thames Crossing.  It was a consultation full of flaws and inadequacies.

We asked Highways England, as many did, for the consultation to be longer, especially since they kept telling us how valuable and important our feedback was to them, but they refused to give anyone any longer, including local authorities.

Below is a copy of the Thames Crossing Action Group response to the Statutory Consultation.

TCAG consultation response_
You can scroll through all 45 pages using the arrows!

Well done and thank you each and every one of our thousands of members who responded, and for all your support over the past year and especially during the consultation, it really is appreciated, and keeps the whole admin team going!

Whilst the consultation is now over, our fight is not!  Whilst nothing has yet been officially announced yet we believe we could be in line for further consultation next year.  Highways England have been reported to say that members of the public will be consulted regarding the charges for the crossing.  We also think that there could be targeted consultation regarding any areas of the design that they decide to make significant changes to, which could possibly include the new Rectory Road in Orsett, and we think and hope they will need to address their mistake of taking it through the very middle of the Orsett Showground.  We do have to point out at this stage all of this is our own assumptions, nothing has been decided or announced yet!

Please do keep sharing our updates and talking to everyone you can about the proposed Lower Thames Crossing and it’s impacts.  We will of course keep fighting this in the New Year, and as we always say ‘Together we are stronger’, so the more of us that are aware and fighting this the better!

Remember Santa says NO,NO.NO to LTC!

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