Route Strategies RIS3 Consultation

Find out more about National Highways’ Route Strategies RIS3 Consultation here.

RIS3 is the follow on period to RIS2 for Road Investment Strategies, which is the official name for the government’s road building programme.  RIS2 runs from 2020-2025 and then RIS3 will run from 2025-2030.

Bear in mind that whilst LTC is currently part of RIS2 as that is the current RIS period, with all the delays many projects, including LTC appear to be getting pushed further into the RIS3 period.

Let’s use this consultation as another chance to have our say on LTC and that we don’t want it to be part of RIS3!  It is also worth noting that the Tilbury Link Road (which is no longer part of the LTC project, but is being progressed as a separate stand alone RIS3 project.

It shouldn’t take too long for you to have your say using the feedback tool, but there appears to be an option to upload a word doc with further responses if you wish!  Please do take part, even it’s just a very quick response to say no to LTC!

Help with responding

There is an official response tool online, but we chose to email our response to which is an acceptable channel for responses.  Send your own comments in your own words!

If you do choose to use the online response tool:

Route Section
Choose either ‘Specific section of a motorway or major A-road in England’ and then click on the map where the LTC is being proposed.
Or choose ‘General / national feedback on the motorways and major A-roads in England’ no need to try and pinpoint on the map.

Issue or opportunity option
Participant – select whichever suits you best

Issue or opportunity type – We chose ‘Other’ and then ‘Not listed’ and then in the Other box we said we were responding on all of the above and didn’t want to be limited to one issue.

In the next box you then have 500 characters to give a summary of the issues you wish to comment on.

You are then given a box to add more detail.

It is then up to you whether to select yes or no to having any evidence to back up your concerns on the issues raised.  If you select yes they provide you with the chance to upload a supporting document.

Click here to respond to Route Strategies Consultation

Please note that one of the official consultation pages states the feedback tool will be available until Nov 30th and another says Dec 31st.  We have emailed to ask which is correct, and it has been confirmed that the consultation was extended until Dec 31st 2021!  Thanks


TCAG response
TCAG NH Route Strategies RIS3 Consultation Response

You can scroll through using the arrows

If you are having any issues with viewing our response above it can also be downloaded as a pdf file here.


Our response was submitted on 29th Dec 2021.



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