Media coverage in January 2024

We expected things to quieten down a little after the LTC DCO Examination ended in late December, but it seems the New Year has kicked off with a variety of LTC related media coverage in January 2024!

The Times (and other publications) ran a story based on a press release from pro-growth campaign group, Britain Remade on the sheer scale and volume of the LTC DCO Examination application documentation, as well as the associated cost.  Britain Remade are a group that consider planning in the UK to be a problem, but appear to be blaming the planning system and campaign groups like TCAG, rather than putting any blame on developers like National Highways, or even fully assessing whether these huge projects are fit for purpose.  Their aim seems to be supporting huge development projects regardless, in the name of economic growth.

Following on from this, and other similar articles, BBC Essex Radio asked to chat to us about this topic on 16th Jan.

00:00 – Ben Fryer Intro | 02:11 – Britain Remade commenting | 09:23 – Thames Crossing Action Group commenting | 15:44 – Paul Chapman – Association for Project Management commenting

Andrew’s legal challenge is on carbon and climate grounds, and as well as making great representations in the LTC DCO Examination, his legal challenge and this appeal also featured in the Examination, with the Examiners requesting updates on the case at every deadline. We feel this shows the level of relevance of Andrew’s case to not only the proposed LTC, but other major road projects too.

The Appeal Court was packed, with more people supporting Andrew outside the court.  ITV Anglia and others covered the appeal, and TCAG were also asked to speak outside the court.  The hearing was live webcast and recordings of the morning and afternoon hearings are available to view online.

Please click through and find out more about Andrew’s legal challenge, and support if you can.  Together we are stronger!  Thanks.


Many thanks to our friends at Transport Action Network for the photos outside the court



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