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LTC Development Boundary stretches to J28 on the M25

We’re not sure if anyone else noticed during the Supplementary Consultation that the LTC development boundary stretches to J28 on the M25. To be perfectly honest we have only just noticed ourselves, but there is probably a good reason for this.

Prior to the Supplementary Consultation the development boundary on that section of the M25 ended around where it crosses with Warley Rd.  However, if you were viewing Map Book 2 online during the Supplementary Consultation to check out the development boundary the page of the map book that should have covered that section was AWOL!

Click here to check it out for yourself in the Supplementary Consulation edition of Map Book 2. As you will see from above images, you will see that on page 3/56 states that Sheet 21a covers the section in question. However, scroll down to try and view Sheet 21a and you will find that whilst Sheet 21 is there on page 54/56 that is it, there is no Sheet 21a on page 55/56.

Jump forward to this Design Refinement Consultation and take a look at Map Book 2 and this time the sheet that covers that section is actually there!  As you can see it shows that the development boundary goes right up to J28.

But why we haven’t seen anything written to advise of this extension of the development boundary to the north anywhere in any of the consultation materials is anybody’s guess.

In fact take a look at the overview image on page 13 (page 7/53 if viewing online) of the Design Consultation Guide.

The line representing the route still only goes up to Warley Rd and doesn’t give a true representation of the development boundary going all the way up to J28 on the M25.

This is the case in many similar images used to highlight the section of the route being described on numerous pages throughout the guide.

We feel that this is yet another inadequacy of consultation, and is also omitting to show a true representation of what is being proposed.



There will easily be people who have no idea that the development boundary for the proposed Lower Thames Crossing goes all the way up the M25 to junction 28.

Many think of LTC as being a crossing from Kent to East Tilbury. Some realise it is proposed to join the M25 around South Ockendon.  But how many actually realise the development boundary goes right up the M25 to J28?

Why does the development boundary go all the way up to J28 now anyway?

In short, we have no idea!  We have emailed HE/LTC to ask that very question.

Yet another example of the omission of clear and informative materials that HE/LTC have an obligation to provide.  Yet another example of the inadeqaucies of consultation to add to the ever growing list.  We will definitely be having our say on this in our response to the consultation.  Please be sure to have your say too!