IPA Amber/Red Report LTC

IPA Amber/Red Report LTC – The Infrastructure and Projects Authority have listed proposed LTC as Amber/Red in their annual report.

The report can be found here

The Delivery Confidence Assessment (DCA) is the IPA’s evaluation of a project’s likelihood of achieving its aims
and objectives, and doing so on time and on budget.

The description for the LTC project is:
The Lower Thames Crossing will be a new free-flowing road crossing of the Lower Thames east of Gravesend and Tilbury. It will improve network resilience and the performance of the existing crossings at Dartford enabling local regional and national economic growth.

Well we all know the proposed route would take just 14% of traffic away from the current crossing and is outdated before it’s even built, so in our opinion it definitely fails to meet that criteria.

In the report LTC is listed as Amber/Red which according to DCA ratings means:
Successful delivery of the project is in doubt, with major risks or issues apparent in a number of key areas. Urgent
action is needed to address these problems and/or assess whether resolution is feasible.

Finally someone has confirmed our doubtful value on this project!

Don’t forget they still need to apply for a DCO (Development Consent Order) and get it accepted before they can start building.  Plus there will be an official consultation later this year (we’ve still not been told when), so we still have time to have our say.  As always, please keep spreading the word, tell everyone you know and ask them to get involved, even if it’s just to keep talking to others about it, and let them know the fight is still on!