LTC DCO Deadline 4 (D4)

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Deadline 4 (D4) – Tues 19th September 2023

This is the deadline for the following submissions:

  • Post-event submissions, including written submission of oral comments made at the hearings held w/c 4 and 11 September 2023 (if held)
  • Responses to ExQ1
  • Comments on NH’s submissions (see Annex F) at Deadline 3 (D3)
  • Comments on any information requested by the ExA and received by D3
  • Any further information requested by the ExA under Rule 17 of the EPR
  • NH’s submission of documents requested (see Annex F)
  • Local Authorities/National Highways – Updated SoCGs (if updated)
  • Local Authorities/National Highways – Updated PADSs (if updated)



If you wish to make a written submission on any of the above, you should do so via the ‘Make a submission‘ page‘ by Deadline 4 (D4).



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