DeFRA Report 15 AQM in Thurrock


By simply putting Google to good use, my search results reveal some pretty alarming facts.  Defra have reported 15 area’s within Thurrock as tipping EU regulations with respect to air quality.

Have you ever spoken to the Environmental Representative at a Highways England exhibition? If like me, you may have been lead to believe the entire Borough, apart from the M25/ A282 corridor is sitting well below any trigger points when it comes to air quality.

Thurrock has some pretty ropy air quality

As part of our challenge to Government, we would like to see the current areas of concern (highlighted on the map below) fixed before any new crossings or roads are constructed through Thurrock, for the good of the wider population of Thurrock.

For more information about Defra air quality report on Thurrock… Click here

We know this is a 2005 map.. however, data is current!

I also found another link detailing shocking results for Tilbury, which well and truly backs up Ian Wakes claims (Director of Public Health – Thurrock) of being the worst area in Thurrock for poor air quality. Click here for more info.

This is a detailed map of Calcutta Road – Tilbury. Highlighting the pollution zone.

I believe these facts speak volumes… A new road passing a mile away from here will only increase the pollution burden on Tilbury and Thurrock as a whole!

Make contact with your local Councillors & your Area MP’s and challenge them about how they plan to clean this issue up!

We also have the Public Health profile attributing to mortality related to particulate air pollution hereand here

Quite shocking facts if you ask me!