BBC Essex Discuss the Russell Brand Video

Tune in to James Whale’s Show ‘The Only Way is Whale’ BBC Essex

On today’s show, James Whale opens up the telephone lines and chats with the public about the impact of Russell Brand’s latest ‘power to the people’ video on his Facebook page.

Is it a question of Marmite, you either love him or hate him..? However, we here in the heart of this campaign group see the video as a positive thing and are very grateful for his efforts!

Here are a few reasons why we see it as a positive…

  1. Plain speaking / gets the message out
  2. People see him as a peoples person
  3. Has a HUGE following on all social platforms – 5.5k social shares within 1hr / 300,000 views in 12hrs

His video goes some distance to fill the gap between what Highways England should have done to inform the public.. to where the people of this group and the wider public have been unable to fully reach out.

Russell talks about Thurrock’s air quality, Treetops Special Needs School and the close proximity of a huge motorway junction, DP World and other issues related to Highways England proposal for a lower Thames Crossing.

While some data quoted in the video may have had inaccuracies, this just goes to prove how hard this subject is to understand for the normal people.  A Russell Rant or not, this video has reached out to many people, to the point where the Parliament Petition has doubled in signatures in 24hrs.

Click the following link to hear the radio debate (Scroll to 2hrs 5mins) > BBC Essex Radio Player

James Whale questions Stephen Metcalfe (East Thurrock & Basildon MP)… While Thurrock people (Vicky from West Tilbury, John from Tilbury, Jane from Chadwell St Mary) chat about the pros & cons of the video… including our very own Media Man Matt Jackson!

Ultimately, will 2/3 of Thurrock population sign the petition…? After all, that is roughly 1/3 more than the average number of people who vote in Thurrock come election time!

Also, feel free to watch the video again!