What does sustainability mean to LTC Contractors?

As we all know there are already teams of people working on the proposals for the proposed Lower Thames Crossing (LTC), we’ve emailed 3 of the LTC contractors to ask them what sustainability means to them, and their work on the proposed LTC.

Arcadis, Cowi, and Jacobs make up the joint venture Technical Partner for the proposed LTC.



On their website Arcadis claim to be “the world’s leading company delivering sustainable design, engineering, and consultancy solutions for natural and built assets“. They also state, “With sustainability at the heart of everything we do, our focus is on maximizing our impact aimed at improving quality of life“.

On sustainability specifically they state, “We embed sustainability across everything we do and apply our wealth of expertise and skills to deliver client solutions that are competitive, resilient, effective, and within planetary boundaries.”, and “We base our actions for clients and communities on environmental responsibility and social and economic advancement.



On their website Cowi claim “Throughout our 90-year history, we have worked with our customers to deliver solutions with long-term societal, environmental and human interests in mind because sustainability is part of our identity and incorporated into our business model.”

Their Environment Policy (for Cowi UK specifically) includes stating that in particular they will:

Ensure our designs take account of the existing environment and incorporate measures to prevent pollution

Ensure that our employees, including sub-consultants, are responsible for working in a manner which protects the environment and where possible adopt a sustainable approach to their activities”



On their website Jacobs state “At Jacobs, we make the world smarter, more connected and more sustainable.” and “From the way we operate our business, to the work we perform with clients and other organizations, we continue to look at ways we can make a positive environmental, societal and economic difference for businesses, governments and communities around the world.”

Their Global Sustainability Commitment Statement includes stating that Jacobs thrive to:

“Positively contribute towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals;”

“Foster a culture of sustainability that promotes economic prosperity, environmental benefit and social value;”

The UN Sustainability Development Goals  are a call for action by all countries – poor, rich and middle-income – to promote prosperity while protecting the planet, and state things like “cities and settlements be developed without damaging the environment and people”.


Do they mean what they say!?

We took the time to review their websites and learn where each company says they stand in regard to sustainability.  We have to say that whilst many of their intentions may sound good when you consider them against the proposed LTC it leaves a lot to be desired.

We emailed each of the companies to ask them how, considering their apparent stand on sustainability, they can work on such a hugely destructive and harmful project as the proposed LTC.


Update May 2022

Our emails were sent to Arcadis, Cowi, and Jacob individually and aimed at those responsible for Sustainability at the companies.  However, the response we got was from the LTC Technical Partner Director(remember the Technical Partnership is made up on Arcadis, Cowi, and Jacobs).  The response was full of greenwash propaganda, and a further email has been sent in response!



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