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Top 5 Hit List Thurrock Task Force

Highways England Priority List

In response to Cllr Little’s request for a ‘top 10’ Priority list, TCAG have issued a number of items to feed into the over all list Thurrock Council will submit to Highways England.  Of course this list below is only a suggestion based on your feedback, therefore items listed below may not be submitted via the council.

Thurrock Council Task Force will have the last say in what they believe is the overall top ten items – based on a much wider approach to borough issues.  However, we hope this will influence the final list submitted as this is what matters to us the most.

This data has been collated over the last 24hr period (20/21 Dec 2017) based on feedback via our community mailshot… 

1) Review red line boundary (realistic boundary not just lines on paper)

2) Road Elevations – Legacy Impact (Communities, separation, long term pollution)

3) Pollution Models Detailed (Noise, Light, Air, Vibration, Surface water wash off – ie ground pollution to farmland and water courses)

4) Traffic Simulation (Borough Wide Data [fed from Thurrock transport forum] and Highways England for SRN routes).

5) Highways England to fully define the scope of the 2018 Consultation

Generic Notes Collected via our own 24hr survey >>>>

Development Phase

Highways to prepare a High Level timing plan shared with Thurrock Task Force

Develop with Thurrock Task Force; plant, equipment, excavations, vehicle routes, materials in and out of the construction area etc.

Review planned / expected impacts to local communities during this phase.

List of roads open / closed to enable construction around interfacing roads.

Up front Contingency Planning & Containment Action Plans for all aspects of delays during installation. Will the open date get pushed back or will they work more hours to maintain launch date?


Installation Phase

Time restrictions around built up areas

Community Impact with construction

Containment plans to reduce community impact

Where will construction teams reside


Long Term Legacy

Training & Education

Funding for new parks & long term maintenance / upkeep

Make good boarders

Pollution dispersion patterns

Segregation & Control of SRN traffic (Rat Run & By-Passing via local roads)

What will the impact of 60,000 more vehicles in Thurrock

Action plan to mitigate traffic between Dartford & Thurrock on the M25 & A282 (as its clear Route 3 resolves none of these concerns). Considering the crossing is operating 6million crossings above design capacity per year, Thurrock & Dartford will face continual issues even after this new route is open.

Alternatives & Future Thurrock

Sustainable Transport options for ALL NEW housing developments, not just cycling or electrification of vehicles. Think Network!

Properly resource developments with infrastructure before developments are constructed.

Think ‘System Engineering’, where will people work, where will people live, how will they commute, socialise, get to school, shop…

Can light rail provide solutions giving communities options before easily jumping into a car…

Lobby Government on Rail Investment – Remove where possible HGVs from Thurrock’s roads.

LDF – Master Plan

What will Thurrock look like in 2050?

On behalf of the Thames Crossing Action Group I would like to Thank each of You for your commitment to date, and wish you & your families a Happy Christmas & Healthy New Year.

Matt Jackson

Vice Chair