Media coverage in July 2023

National Highways announcement about the possibility of using hydrogen for LTC construction machinery, if it goes ahead, got a bit of media coverage in July 2023.  Here’s your chance to watch again if you missed TCAG being interviewed by ITV News Meridian and KMTV.


ITV News Meridian

This story ran on Tues 11th July 2023 – view on ITV News.

Note how LTC Project Director, Matt Palmer admits that they don’t know what the cost associated with such a move would be, and then state that he is confident it would still remain in budget!  Hydrogen and hydrogen powered machinery generally costs at least three times as much as traditional fossil fuel machinery, so it’s an interesting statement for him to make, especially when he admits they just don’t know the cost!



This story ran on Mon 10th July 2023.

With not only TCAG, but also Gravesham Borough Council and Kent Wildlife Trust saying there is no way the proposed LTC can or should be considered a green road.




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