TCAG Plan April 2017

TCAG Action Plan

To be very clear to all this group is opposed to all the routes of Option C. This is the plan in the short term to take the campaign to the next level.
  • Appeal and Protest.
  • Support and Involve.
In short, we are examining a legal route that will hopefully lead us to challenge the consultation process and other aspects of Highways England/Gov conduct. We will also be starting a letter campaign, working with the council to begin our own environmental studies to strengthen the case against further pollution in the borough and holding a protest.
The other element is to ensure we are in a position to negotiate and influence where possible. We will be working with Stephen Metcalfe and our council to represent residents through every step of the route design by Highways England. This is simply because if we don’t, nobody will. If they are insistent on forcing this through we need to be able to mitigate the impact. Should the worst happen and they continue, we will have a seat and the table and help as many residents as possible.
The other slides explain what needs to happen to achieve the above and a lot will be dictated at the meetings we will be hosting in the coming weeks and months. This will start with a residents meeting where all will be invited to attend and we will present this in detail, here we can all discuss and collaborate on this plan and how to conduct things like protests. We need your ideas and help to execute. In addition, we will be looking to strengthen our volunteer pool, so once we have any volunteers recruited we can get together with the existing group and continue this plan within the wider community.
We are investigating with a law firm the legalities of the process and conduct, this is very earlier stages and due to its delicate nature will share details when we can.
You will note that we plan to launch a YouTube channel, this is easily digestible content that will allow us to keep everyone informed at every step. A good example is when we meet with Stephen Metcalfe I can do a quick video blog and inform everyone of the process, I have also said I will do a weekly update that will update everyone on the overall progress and things like the legal challenge.
We are securing dates and venues for the meetings discussed in the deck and will communicate ASAP. we hope this gives you all an idea about how we see this building our campaign over the coming months. Please feel free to contact me directly with any feedback or things you want to add, we are also happy to give further detail on any aspect. Alternatively, we will gladly do that at the residents meeting.
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