LTC bridges and viaducts

We asked National Highways where the 50 bridges and viaducts of the proposed Lower Thames Crossing are located. they provided us with the following list:

  1. Brewers Road Overbridge
  2. Thong Lane Over M2 Overbridge
  3. A2 Eastbound (EB) to A2 EB Collector (East) Overbridge
  4. M2 Underbridge
  5. M2 Westbound (WB) Off-clip to Local Road Roundabout Overbridge
  6. A2 to A2 EB Collector (West) Overbridge
  7. Thong Lane over LTC Overbridge
  8. Gravesend East to M2 EB Viaduct
  9. LTC Southbound (SB) to A2 WB Viaduct
  10. Infiltration Pond Viaduct/HS1 Drainage Pond LTC
  11. Tilbury Viaduct
  12. Muckingford Road
  13. Hoford Road
  14. Brentwood Road
  15. FP79
  16. A1013 over A1089
  17. A1013 over LTC
  18. A1013 over A13 WB to LTC SB link
  19. A13 WB to A1089 over LTC
  20. A13 WB to LTC NH viaduct
  21. A13 WB to A1089 SB over A13 WB to LTC SB
  22. A13 over LTC
  23. A13 over LTC Northbound (NB) slips
  24. LTC NB to A13 EB over Baker Street
  25. Orsett Cock to A13 WB over A13 WB to LTC
  26. A13 EB to Orsett Cock over LTC to A13 EB
  27. Rectory Road
  28. LTC NB to A13 EB over LTC
  29. A13 EB to A1089 over LTC NB slips
  30. A1089 to LTC SB over LTC
  31. Stifford Clays over LTC NB slips
  32. Stifford Clays over LTC
  33. Green Lane
  34. Orsett Fen Viaduct
  35. Mar Dyke Viaduct (Main River and BR219)
  36. Footpath FP 136
  37. B186 North Road
  38. FP252 Footbridge over LTC
  39. M25 Junction/LTC
  40. FP252 Footbridge over Upminster Railway
  41. LTC Northbound/Ockendon Rd
  42. LTC Off Slip over LTC NB on Slip
  43. LTC NB Collector over Main River
  44. LTC NB Collector over St Mary’s Lane
  45. LTC NB Collector over Shoeburyness Railway
  46. FP230 Footbridge (Thames Chase)
  47. Footbridge over A127 (East)
  48. Footbridge over A127 (West)
  49. A13 WB to LTC NB over A13 WB to LTC SB
  50. Tilbury Access Overbridge
What might we expect for the viaducts?

Here are a few photos of a viaduct on the National Highways A14 Cambs project, from back when we went on a site visit to try and get a better understanding of what a large road construction project is like.  We were told this viaduct is similar to what we might expect if the proposed LTC goes ahead.


Green bridges

When you think of green bridges you would be forgiven for thinking of a wide bridges with plants, hedges, with wildlife happily wandering safely across.  The reality is the kind of bridge you’re most likely thinking about is actually what is known as a wildlife bridge rather than a green bridge.  And certainly not the reality of what NH/LTC are proposing for the LTC.

At consultations we’ve been told that the ‘green’ bridge at North Road for example would have little if any hedgerow for example due to visibility issues for traffic.

Another example, the Thong Lane ‘green’ bridge ends with a T-junction, ultimately guiding wildlife to  the danger and risks of a busy road junction.  Should this really be considered a ‘green’ bridge?  (Click image to enlarge)

Thong Lane green bridge

How is wildlife supposed to know where these so called ‘green’ bridges are?  Even if it does there are clearly no guarantees they will offer safe passage.  There’s no proven mitigation for bats when it comes to new roads either.

So when you hear NH/LTC talking about ‘green’ bridges and the ‘greenest’ road every built in the UK, just remember that sadly things are not always as they like to portray.