Open Floor Hearing 4 (OFH4)

Event Details

Open Floor Hearing 4 (OFH4) – Weds 6th September

Location: Orsett Hall Hotel, Essex and online via Microsoft Teams*

Registration process and seating at venue: 6.45pm
Start time: 7.30pm
Attendees: Invited Parties who have pre-registered


Purpose: The LTC DCO Open Floor Hearing 4 will be an opportunity for registered Interested Parties to communicate opinions about the proposed LTC project to the Examining Authority (ExA).



You need to have registered by Procedural Deadline D (18 July 2023) to speak at OFH4.

Full instructions on how to join online or by telephone will be provided in advance to those who have pre-registered.

You do not have to register to simply watch the meeting. A link to the livestream of the meeting will be published on the project webpage and the livestream will begin at 10am. If the livestream does not initially work please try refreshing the webpage.

A note and recording of the meeting will be published under the Documents tab on the project webpage.


Making a written submission

Interested Parties will also have the opportunity to make written submissions after the Hearing prior to Deadline 4 (19 September 2023).

Equal weight is given to in person and written comments throughout the DCO Examination.

If you wish to make a written submission you can do so via the ‘Make a submission‘ page‘ by the deadline.

You will need to enter your unique reference number that was issued to you when you registered as an Interested Party.

Submissions must not include hyperlinks to documents/evidence hosted on a third party website eg technical reports, media articles etc.

Electronic attachments should be clearly labelled with the subject title and not exceed 50MB.


Further information can be found in FAQ v2 [PD014].



The agenda for OFH4 is published on the PINS LTC Webpages in due course.



*If you do not have Microsoft Teams you can find out more about getting it for free here.